Tokyo Tube 利用マニュアルManual on Tokyo Tube

1.動画・画像閲覧マニュアルViewing manual
Contributors upload various movies and images to TokyoTube every day. Enjoy our rich collection.
2.無料会員登録マニュアルRegistration manual for normal members
Though you can use this site without registration, you can use My Page if you register. And you can gain various free services such as uploading, acquiring points, and communication with other users.
3.プレミアム会員マニュアルManual for premium members
Want to view movies more comfortably? Want to communicate more? Register our high graded Premium plan!
4.動画・画像投稿マニュアルUploading manual
You can start uploading your own movies/images after obtaining a user ID!
5.エンベット機能マニュアルManual for embedding functions
You can provide high quality movies on your site using embedding functions.
6.マイページマニュアルManual for My Page
You can enjoy our site without registration, but you get various services for free with the registration.
7.友人申請マニュアルManual for friend request
Make lots of friends who share common tastes by using bulletin boards, messages, and friend request.

4.動画・画像投稿マニュアルUploading manual

  • 動画・画像を投稿する場合には無料会員登録が必要となります。
  • 登録がお済みでない方は無料会員登録をお願い致します。
  • If you upload movies/images, you need to register as a normal member.
  • Please register if you are not registered.


How to upload a movie

  • マイページ左メニューより『動画を投稿する』をクリックすると動画投稿フォームへ移動します。
  • Click Upload Movies button on the right of My Page and then you go to the movie upload form.
① タイトル
① Title
Though you can name any title, please choose one which reflects the content of the movie.
② タグ
(例)フェラ パイズリ ぶっかけ 生挿入 中出し
② Tag
Please fill in tags that are related to the movie, separating them with a single space.
(Ex) Blowjob Titty fuck Bukkake Without condoms Creampie
③ 説明
③ Description
Please fill in comment on or a description of the movie.
You can advertise your own site by filling in the URL.
④ カテゴリー
④ Category
Please choose your movie's category.
⑤ ファイル
⑤ File
Choose the file of the movie you want to upload with the "Browse" button.
⑥ プライバシー
⑥ Privacy
Choose availability of your movies to everyone or only to your friends.
⑦ 規約合意
⑦ Agreement on the Terms and Conditions
Please confirm that you accepted the Terms and Conditions.
⑧ 禁止事項
⑧ Prohibited
Make sure your work does not violate any prohibited matters.
⑨ 投稿完了
⑨ Upload is completed.
The uploaded movie will be converted to an interchangeable format and be published.
After it is published, the noticeof completion will be sent via E-mail.


How to upload an image

  • マイページ左メニューより『画像を投稿する』をクリックすると画像投稿フォームへ移動します。
  • Click Upload Images button on the right of My Page and thenyou go to the image upload form.
  • 動画投稿フォームとの相違点はファイル項目だけとなります。jpg形式での投稿をお願い致します。
  • The only difference between the image and movie upload forms is the item about File. Upload with jpg format.