Tokyo Tube 利用マニュアルManual on Tokyo Tube

1.動画・画像閲覧マニュアルViewing manual
Contributors upload various movies and images to TokyoTube every day. Enjoy our rich collection.
2.無料会員登録マニュアルRegistration manual for normal members
Though you can use this site without registration, you can use My Page if you register. And you can gain various free services such as uploading, acquiring points, and communication with other users.
3.プレミアム会員マニュアルManual for premium members
Want to view movies more comfortably? Want to communicate more? Register our high graded Premium plan!
4.動画・画像投稿マニュアルUploading manual
You can start uploading your own movies/images after obtaining a user ID!
5.エンベット機能マニュアルManual for embedding functions
You can provide high quality movies on your site using embedding functions.
6.マイページマニュアルManual for My Page
You can enjoy our site without registration, but you get various services for free with the registration.
7.友人申請マニュアルManual for friend request
Make lots of friends who share common tastes by using bulletin boards, messages, and friend request.

2.無料会員登録マニュアルRegistration manual for normal members

  • サイト内、各所のテキストリンク・バナーより無料会員登録ページへ移動します。
  • Go to registration page for normal members from text links/banners in various places in the site.
① 無料会員とプレミアム会員の違い
① Difference between normal members and premium members
Here is the explanation on privileges of normal members and premium members.
② 会員プラン選択
② Select a member plan.
Select a member plan.
Check the flow chart at the bottom to finish member registration of your selected plan.
③ 登録情報の入力
③ Fill in registration info.
Please fill in your E-mail address (which will not be published), password, and gender.
④ 仮登録完了
④ Finishing provisional registration
Fill in the alphanumeric characters as seen in the image.
Confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions by checking and clicking "Send Confirmation E-mail."
The registration confirmation E-mail will be sent to the E-mail address you have registered in the process of ③.
Click the URL in this e-mail to finish your registration procedure.